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The Best Bale Hay Feeders In Adelaide For Sheep

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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Known for its grape growing regions and wineries, Adelaide and South Australia as a whole has a strong agricultural sector. In 2017–18 there were 906 farms in the Greater Adelaide region, with over 24% of these dedicated to grape growing. While grapes make up the largest portion of farms in Adelaide, there is still a strong presence of livestock farming in the area.

Given the vast diversity in geography and climate across South Australia, the farming sector varies greatly in terms of requirements and livestock farming practices. Across the whole state, the farms with the largest gross value of agricultural production are wool and sheep and lambs. It’s no surprise that Australia is the world’s largest sheep exporter. However, sheep farming has its own set of requirements and hardships.

Let’s take a closer look at farming and feeding sheep.

Sheep feed and nutrition

Understanding how sheep eat and digest food will help to inform a healthy feeding process. They are classified as ruminants, meaning that they have a four-chambered stomach and cud-chewing behaviour. Cud is feed that is regurgitated, re-chewed, and swallowed.

Sheep are also known as intermediate grazers, which means they generally consume both graze and browse for both high- and low-quality forage.

Here’s a rundown of the nutrients that sheep need to remain healthy:

  • Carbohydrates (which makes up the largest portion of the diet)

  • Protein (making up the most expensive portion of the diet)

  • Fiber

  • Minerals, salt and vitamins

  • Water

These requirements ensure optimum health and in times of low pasture yield or insufficient grazing, sheep can require supplementary feeding to maintain this.

When there is drought or when sufficient fresh pasture isn’t available, the next best thing for sheep is stored feed. They can eat hay, silage, green chop, or crop by-products, however hay is generally the most common option.

The best feeding systems

To efficiently and effectively feed sheep, the best method is a specialised bale hay feeder. A feeder is a necessity because sheep can be very particular about how and what they eat - they won’t eat hay that has been trampled underfoot.

Willie's Manufacturing Industries’ bale hay feeders are sheep and farmer friendly, with a curved chamber for high ground clearance and convenient mechanical feed outs. The feeders ensure that the area is kept clean for the sheep and waste of feed is reduced. Not only will the feeders save you time and money, but it will lead to a happier, healthier flock.

Let’s take a look at some of the best bale hay feeders in Adelaide

The best bale hay feeders in Adelaide for sheep

  • The Albybone

This versatile multi-bale feeder accommodates round and square bales of hay and silage. It has sizing options so that you can choose the best option to suit you and the size of your flock. Option 1 is a 6 bale feeder that can hold 6 square or 5 round bales in any order. Option 2 is a larger model, holding up to 8 bales - 8 square or 7 round bales in any order.

If you would like to find out more about Albybone, take a look here.

  • The Pa-Mick

The Pa-Mick is the most versatile feeder on the market. It is made specifically for Australian farms and is a great feeder for sheep farming. It is designed for all feeding applications so you won’t have to worry about changing your processes to work with your feeder. It has a specifically designed curved chamber to suit feed pads up to 1.2 metres / 4 feet high, ensuring that feed is kept high off the ground. It can carry up to 2 bales of any kind and can be used for carting in.

To find out about all the other standout features of the Pa-Mick, head here.

  • The Elite

The Elite is a round bale feeder with plenty of great features. It can feed out hay and silage round bales, carrying up to 2 big round bales. The design is robust and made for the harsh Australian conditions. We understand that equipment failure costs farms time and money, so the Elite has been made specifically for user friendly maintenance and has a simple chain adjustment system for easy use.

If you would like to find out more about the Elite, take a look at the feeder page here.

WMI Feeders has dealers in Adelaide and across South Australia where you will be able to find these bale hay feeders. To locate a dealer near you, take a look at our dealers page.

We hope this article has given you some valuable information about sheep feeding and where to find great bale hay feeders in Adelaide. If you have any questions about our products or would like to enquire about a custom feeder, get in touch with our friendly team.



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