About WMI - Willie's Manufacturing Industries.

Jason Willie, together with his father Wayne, began Willie's Manufacturing Industries (WMI) in April 2009 after taking over Carroll's Manufacturing Industries. Jason had formerly completed his apprenticeship in engineering and fabrication with Carroll's and was heavily involved in the design and production of their popular Pa-Mick and Albybone bale feeders and other farm machinery. WMI primarily manufactures bale feeders, as well as a wide range of general fabrication. Our machines are sold by dealers throughout Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

WMI employs four staff including three apprentices.


WMI prides itself on producing the highest quality range of bale feeders. We utilise modern technology in the design of our machines which sets our products apart from our competitors. We have utilised feedback from farmers in the design and production of new machines catering for the needs of various farming operations.


WMI has released two new machines into the market since taking over Carroll's. The smaller Elite round bale feeder was released in May 2010. The most recent machine is the Champion Multi Bale Feeder that was released in February 2012. The Champion holds 6 round bales that loads from the rear and it would have to be the only machine of its kind in the world.


WMI began dealing machinery primarily in Victoria. Through marketing we have managed to expand and now supply to dealers in South Australia, New South wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

We ensure customer satisfaction by producing quality products. A testament to the quality of our machinery is that the first machine ever made is still going well after 17 years. We know that machinery needs to be built tough to withstand harsh farm conditions. We use a simple design and ensure quality welding. We seek customer feedback to improve where possible and when designing new machines. We find that word of mouth through the farming community is a major component of our sales. We also market our business by utilising local media and through a presence at field days. We encourage customers to compare the quality and price of our machines with competitors.