Square Bale Hay Feeder

Finding the Right Square Bale Hay Feeder for Your Farm

When it comes to picking out hay feeding equipment for your farm, one important question to answer is whether you want a square bale hay feeder or a round bale feeder. Both types of feeders have their advantages and disadvantages. At Willie’s Manufacturing Industries, we are here to help you find the right bale feeder—whether it’s round or square.

The Benefits of a Square Bale Hay Feeder


We carry four different types of bale feeders, including two square-round bale feeder models. These products—our Albybone bale feeder and our Pa-Mick bale feeder—are capable of handling square or round hay bales. (Our other two designs, the Champion bale feeder and the Elite bale feeder, are intended exclusively for round bales.) There are several benefits to square bales that might push you towards the Albybone or the Pa-Mick, including:


  • Easy storage

  • Suited to all size bales

  • Australian-made

These factors make square bale feeders especially popular on smaller farms, or for operations that seek to sell hay bales to smaller farms. Round hay bales are typically larger, which smaller operations may not have the capacity to transport, store or use — having the option of buying or using slightly smaller square bales can expand business possibilities.

Can You Customise Your Order for a Square-Round Bale Feeder?

Perhaps you need a large square bale feeder, and the specs for the Albybone or the Pa-Mick don’t quite match the size or capacity you have in mind. If so, know that Willie’s Manufacturing Industries can customise the Albybone model to suit your needs. A few factors to note, for customisation: 


  • As designed, the Albybone model can handle round or square bales—up to six square bales or five round bales, in any order. Most clients find this design sufficient for their needs but let us know if your capacity needs are greater.

  • The same basic features will still be included in a built-to-order Albybone model. Those features include a strong robust design, an independent tandem rocker system, an extendable chamber to accommodate bales of a range of different sizes and more.

  • No matter the size of machine you require, we will apply the same quality standards we do to everything else, aiming for a well-built bale feeder that can stand the test of time.

What You Should Know about Our Square and Round Bale Hay Feeders


Whether you choose square or round bale hay feeders, here are a few things you should know about the products we build at Willie’s Manufacturing Industries:


  • Your machine is built to last: Finding farm machinery capable of standing up to Australia’s weather conditions is no small feat. Since we build equipment specifically for the Australian market, the weather conditions were a central consideration as we designed our machines. The result is equipment capable of lasting for decades—if not entire farming generations.

  • We are always seeking to improve: Every time we introduce a new product into the marketplace, we want it to be a game changer. Such was the case with the Champion multi bale feeder, which holds up to six bales at once and loads from the rear. When we introduced the Champion in 2012, there was nothing else like it on the market. We were able to innovate something that farmers wanted but that no one had thought of yet, simply by listening to feedback from our customers and adapting accordingly.

  • Our feeders are user-friendly: We’ve designed every bale feeder in our range to be simplistic and user-friendly. These machines require a minimal learning curve, which means you will be able to get to work at full efficiency right away. Even maintenance is easy with our bale feeder designs, thanks to their high ground clearance and easy access.

Related Services We Provide to Bale Feeders

Multi bale feeding solutions such as the Champion are our flagship products at Willie’s Manufacturing Industries, but they aren’t the only things we sell. Contact owners Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713 to talk about our full range our visit our services page for more. Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve learned quite a lot about metal fabrication and design. We can adapt these skills to helping you create other pieces of custom farm equipment for your business. This general fabrication service can assist with a wide range of different items, depending on your needs. Here are a few types of fabrication projects we have taken on for clients in the past:


  • Trailers

  • Structural steel

  • Stock crates

  • Hay forks

  • Tractor tow hitches

Our talented fabricators bring a range of different capabilities to the table and can likely help you with many diverse projects, whether it falls into one of these categories or not. Feel free to call us directly to talk about our general fabrication services.

Why Customers Should Use Willie’s Manufacturing Industries


If you’re in the market for cattle hay feeders (or bale feeders for other farm-based applications), Willie’s Manufacturing Industries has the product range and flexibility to meet your needs. From hay to silage and round bales to square bales, we can help you accomplish your baling goals more quickly and with no downtime. Here are a few reasons to choose our brand and our products:


  • Our family-driven approach: Willie’s Manufacturing Industries is a father-son business, owned and operated by Jason Willie and his father, Wayne. Our family-driven approach makes us the go-to hay bale feeder company for small, family-owned farming operations. We understand these businesses and the challenges they face, and we provide the solutions—and the warm, personal touch—that they are looking for in their equipment suppliers.

  • The easy-to-find nature of our machines: While you can buy any of our hay bale feeders directly from us, you can also find them throughout Australia at a variety of different dealers. Click here for a complete list of distributors that sell our machines.

  • The proven longevity of our products: As mentioned above, we go to great lengths to make sure that our machines stand the test of time. Our focus on using the best technology, the finest materials and fabrication best practices allow us to ensure quality builds on every feeder we manufacture or sell. If you need proof that we can build machines that stand up to the test of Australia’s challenging farming conditions, note that the first machine we ever built is still running strong—17 years after the fact.

Why Willie’s Manufacturing Industries Is Cost Effective

Whether you choose a square bale hay feeder, a round bale feeder or a machine that can handle both square and round bales, trust that your investment in Willie’s Manufacturing Industries equipment is a sound one. Buying a machine from us means avoiding:


  • Premature replacements

  • Costly and laborious maintenance

  • Slow and sluggish performance

  • Machine downtime

  • Sub par efficiency

Our models are cost-effective because they work, are easy to learn and master and last for a long time and because they don’t demand the upkeep that some other models require. You can contact owners Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713 or see our contact page for more.

We believe our hay bale feeders are the finest on the Australian market, and we are willing to stand by that fact by opening ourselves up fully to customer feedback. If there’s anything you think that can be improved on one of our models, just let us know. Who knows? Maybe your feedback will inspire the next generation of our equipment.

To learn more about our equipment, or to make a general fabrication enquiry, contact us today.

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