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8 Bale Albybone

A successful pleasant cattle feeding job this morning.

The feeder performed excellent.

As this was our first go we went steady but it halved our feed time.

So when we are accustomed to it, it will more then halve our feeding time we anticipate.

Work load is off the ute. Safety issues of feeding off back of ute has been eliminated.

We like the feed window it makes.

Build quality is excellent.

A big time saver.

It's 2kms to farm from home block. 5km to furthest paddock.

Use to take 2 hours using ute, now it's a 1 hour job.

Safety factor a big plus.

I commend your staff on their workmanship.

I commend you Jason & your company as a whole.

Thank you very much Jason & WMI feeders.

Ian and Season,

Canowindra NSW


Champion & Elite 

Have worked with Jason and Wayne on our first Champion bale feeder and used it for many years feeding dairy cows.

We just updated to a new Champion with moving floor and carting five bales at a time. It is working well feeding and loading 2 loads a day (10 rolls) in 1 hour, 1 man and 1 tractor.

Have also brought a new 2 bale Elite with narrow feed cradle and it works well


Highly recommend WMI to make a strong reliable feeder.

Paul and Mark Madden,

Ellerslie VIC


6 Bale Albybone

Nick and Sarah Moyle of Pathfinder Angus stud near Penshurst purchased an Albybone bale feeder 12 years ago.

We have around 2000 cows to feed through winter and the Albybone has made the job a lot quicker and easier.

WMI Feeders has been great with their backup service making a reliable, user friendly feeding system.

Nick and Sarah Moyle,

Penshurst VIC


8 Bale Albybone

We have fed out over 2000 bales of silage & over 500 bales of hay since purchasing Albybone machine in 2015. Machine has made it quicker & easier to feed out as less time travelling back to stack with farm ute. We still use the machine which mainly gets used from January to April. Service has been minimal with only a hydraulic motor replaced which was dealt with promptly by WMI.


FYI there are several of your feeders on farms in our area.


Bob & Henry Legoe,

Lucindale VIC


6 & 8 Bale Albybone

Our first 6 Bale Albybone feeder was purchased in 2013, and upgraded to a 9 Bale Albybone  in 2022.

The first Albybone fed approximately 5000 bales without a single breakdown.  Just some simple maintenance fortnightly was all that was required. 

Feeding hay with the Albybone is now an easy, and simple one person job.  Before this it was a two person job, one driving the truck, and the other on top throwing hay off, which did raise some OH&S issues with bales 3 high.  The hardest part of feeding now is opening and closing gates.

Wayne and Jason at WMI Feeders are easy to deal with, and I have no doubt that at some point we will upgrade our 9 Bale Albybone to another one of there Feeders.


Anthony Pola,

Rhymney VIC


6 Bale Champion

Very versatile machine that makes an impossible task possible and if something does go wrong service is fast at hand.


Bill Douglas,

Woolsthorpe VIC


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