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Feed Out Cart

A Feed Out Cart Increases Rotation Ability

Designed to handle hay and baled silage, our feed out cart delivers feed from the side, which makes it easy to deliver feed in open pastures, bunkers and troughs. It also enables you to move the location from which you feed your cattle, sheep or horses. This feature preserves your pastures while evenly distributing hay. 


Related Services We Provide to Feed Out Carts in Australia

If you are looking for a round bale feed out cart in Australia or one that can handle square bales, or a combination cart. Willie’s Manufacturing Industries can supply you a product that will meet your needs, if you would like to get in contact with Jason or Wayne Willie please call 0488605713.

  • Customisation: Our facility can undertake general fabrication work for items which could complement your existing equipment, such as, trailers, hay forks and tractor hitches. We consider your feedback on current, available technology when designing a solution, unique to your setup.

  • Design and fabrication: Using advanced design technology and production methods enable us to manufacture products of high quality to exacting specifications. 

  • Niche market: We primarily service, but are not limited to, the agricultural sector.

How to Customise Your Order for a Hay Feed Out Cart in Australia


When investing in a product, it needs to meet all your requirements, to ensure a return on investment. Customising equipment ensures that its functionality is practical in your setup, making things quicker and more cost effective.


  • Size: If you require a smaller or larger machine than the standard range we offer, our design team will work with you in designing the correct size machine to fit your operational requirements.

  • Load: Our current round bale feeder can carry up to six bales; if your load requirement is smaller, we can build one to spec. 

  • Dual purpose: As our bale feeder can also cart bales, this dual purpose creates economic efficiency. Should you require any additional functionality, discuss this with our design team for them to incorporate your requests into the build of your machine.

Each operation is unique, and so should their equipment be, we work with our clients to deliver true tailor-made solutions.

Why Trust Willie's Manufacturing Industries Regarding a Feed Out Cart

This Australian owned and operated business has been operational for ten years. In this time, the father and son team have introduced two new machines to the market. Without compromising on quality, longevity and strength, WMI continuously delivers equipment of outstanding quality at competitive prices. 


  • We understand Australian conditions and build robust equipment for optimal functionality. Input from our customers has helped us create products that are user friendly and easy to maintain.

  • Jason Willie completed his training in fabrication as well as engineering and brings this wealth of knowledge to the table when working with you on the design and fabrication of equipment you wish to have manufactured.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs. You will find that we will pleasantly surprise you with our innovative solutions and drive for total customer satisfaction.

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