Bale Feeder South Australia

Where to Find a Better Bale Feeder

Are you looking for a bale feeder in South Australia that will stand the test of time? Do you need a bale feeder that is capable of standing up to the demanding, unforgiving weather conditions of an Australian summer? At Willie’s Manufacturing Industries, we provide reliable, high-quality hay-feeding solutions that won’t break down. You can contact owners Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713 or see our contact page for more.

What You Should Know about Our Bale Feeders

Our goal is to help farmers find quality equipment that maximises efficiency and minimises downtime. If you choose us to help you find a bale feeder for your farm, keep these points in mind:

  • We sell four different bale feeders: Our business has been operating for ten years, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about the farming industry. That knowledge has helped us craft our four different flagship bale feeders, all of which are suited to slightly different demands. Click here to explore all four products, which include the Albybone, the Pa-Mick, the Elite and the Champion.

  • We have solutions for both round and square bales: Whether you are looking for a square bale feeder in South Australia or a robust round bale feeder, we can help. The Albybone and Pa-Mick feeders are capable of handling both round or square bales, while the Elite and Champion models are round bale feeders only.

  • Each bale feeder is built to last: Whether you choose an Albybone feeder for square bales or an Elite round bale feeder in SA, you can rest assured that your machine is going to stand the test of time. Our bale feeders are simple in design but boast a robust construction that ensures longevity. We built our first-ever machine 17 years ago, and it’s still running strong today.

Related Services We Provide to Bale Feeders in South Australia

In addition to building some of the highest quality bale feeder products available in Australia, Willie’s Manufacturing Industries also provides a range of other fabrication and manufacturing services. It’s not uncommon for farmers to love the performance and durability of our bale feeders so much that they seek us out for custom fabrication work on other types of equipment or hardware. Our capabilities vary, depending on what you need from us, but they include:

  • Trailers: We can customise and fabricate trailers of all sizes and designs.

  • Tractor tow hitches: Add to the towing capabilities of your tractor with our help.

  • Bale Feeders: Bale Feeders are only one part of the equation. Trust us to help you design bale feeder just as capable of living up to tough farming conditions in Australia.

The list of potential fabrication services goes even further, including essential products such as structural steel and stock crates. If you are wondering whether we can fabricate something for you give us a call on tel:0488605713 or see our click here and see our services.

About Willie’s Manufacturing Industries

If you are looking for a round or square bale feeder in SA, look no further than Willie’s Manufacturing Industries. Our family-owned business dates back to April 2009 and is still run by father-son duo Wayne and Jason Willie. To learn more about our business, or to ask about pricing for a bale feeder in South Australia, contact us today.

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