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Purchase a Round or Square Bale Feeder

Using the correct bale feeder in Western Australia is crucial to diminishing the amount of hay wasted. Carefully consider the design of the feeder to save money and reduce production costs.

When Buying a Feeder in WA, Consider This:

Using a feeder to get the feed out in pastures or hay fields is gaining popularity as it is less labour intensive.

  • Ground clearance: A good ground clearance enables you to transport the bales on the feeder to the exact point of distribution.

  • Collapsible forks: This feature is important for safety and ensures that the feeder requires a smaller storage space.

  • Bale chamber: We manufacture our feeders so that the rippers run above the chassis to reduce component damage, resulting in less downtime. We then incorporate an extendable chamber which can accommodate various bale sizes. This feature allows you the versatility of feeding small, large round or square bales without complications.

Our bale feeders come in various sizes, and our multi bale feeder can hold six square or five round bales in any order. You can contact owners Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713 or see our contact page for more.

Why Choose Willie's Manufacturing Industries

We are a father and son team, who prides ourselves on building high quality bale feeders and other machinery, and supply to dealers in South Australia, NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia. Input from our customers is crucial to us, as it enables us to better understand their requirements.

  • Proficiency: Jason Willie has completed his engineering and fabrication apprenticeship and is involved in the design and manufacturing process to ensure customer satisfaction. 

  • Technology: After numerous consultation sessions with farmers, we have employed modern technology to design and manufacture our products, to address issues and concerns raised by farmers.

  • Design: As we understand that machinery needs to be built strong, consequently we make use of simple design with fewer intricacies and ensure that the engineering is on point and held to an exceptionally high standard. 

We design and consistently deliver practical, enduring machinery suited to Australian conditions.

What You Should Know About a Round Bale Feeder in Western Australia

Cost and convenience are vital considerations when deciding on which bale feeder to purchase. Round bale feeders are often less costly and more popular with farmers than square bale feeders.

  • Handling: Round bale feeders are easy to handle with our versatile, loading system which uses collapsible forks, and because round bales are less susceptible to weather, loss from weather conditions is minimal. 

  • Feeding out: Our round bale feeder can feed out hay and silage and can carry two bales simultaneously. This feature facilitates feeding large herds of cattle by running out hay in long strips efficiently and quickly.

  • Robust: Our design is durable with user friendly maintenance requirements. This aspect ensures that your investment in a bale feeder will be enduring while handling the rugged terrain of Australian farming.

About Willie's Manufacturing Industries

This small family owned, and operated business is based in Warrnambool, Victoria, and belongs to Wayne and Jason Willie who took over the company in April of 2009. We primarily manufacture bale feeders, which we supply to dealers and have a growing market in general fabrication. 

In 2010 we released the smaller Elite round bale feeder and in 2012 we released the Champion Multi Bale Feeder. At the time of production, it was the only bale feeder which loaded from the rear, with a capacity of holding six round bales.

Consulting with farmers enables us to understand what farmers are looking for and successfully design a compatible product. Production undergoes stringent quality control procedures to ensure our products are built to withstand Australian conditions and can pass the test of time. Contact with our customers is important to us, and we always strive to deliver exceptional before, during and after sales service.

If you want high-quality, Australian made machinery get hold of us, we would gladly consult with you to ensure you are more than satisfied with your purchases from us. Alternatively, you can contact owners Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713.

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