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The Importance of a Built-to-Last Feeder

When it comes to purchasing or replacing a feeder in Victoria, it’s incredibly important to find something capable of withstanding challenging farming conditions in Australia’s summer seasons. Not every company that builds bale feeders designs them with those conditions in mind. At Willie’s Manufacturing Industries, though, Australian farming conditions were at the front of our mind when we created the four-bale feeders in our range. The result is a dynamic selection of bale feeders, all capable of standing the test of time. If you would like to learn more about feeder can contact Jason and Wayne Willie on 0488605713.

Key Questions to Ask Willie’s Manufacturing Industries about a Hay Feeder in Victoria

If you are in the market for a hay feeder in Victoria but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few good questions to ask our team at Willie’s Manufacturing Industries:


  • Which feeder is right for me? We’d be happy to talk you through our range and help you decide which bale feeder is ideal for your farm operation. For instance, if you need a bale feeder that can do square bales, you’d opt for either the Albybone feeder or the Pa-Mick bale feeder. If you require a round bale feeder with a larger capacity, meanwhile, we’d help you get your hands on a Champion bale feeder in Victoria—capable of carrying up to six bales at once.

  • Where can I buy your feeders? We can sell you a feeder directly, or you can find one of our feeders at a dealer. Willie’s Manufacturing Industries machines (branded ‘WMI’) can be found at dealers throughout Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

  • Can you customise my feeder? If you need a larger machine than what is currently available on our website, don’t hesitate to ask. Our Albybone feeder is a dynamic multi-feeder machine that can handle both square and round bales. We can build this machine to order if you need to customise it, ensuring that you get the perfect Albybone bale feeder in Victoria.

What Sets Willie’s Manufacturing Industries Apart Regarding a Feeder in Victoria


Whether you are considering a customised Albybone bale feeder or a smaller Pa-Mick bale feeder in Victoria, you might be wondering what makes Willie’s Manufacturing Industries the right brand for your farm to trust. Here are a couple of the factors that set us apart from competitors:


  • Our family ethos: Our business is a father-son venture and always has been. This family-owned status is a vital part of our brand identity and informs how we work with our customers. We want to make sure every farmer we work with knows how much we care about their business and their bottom line.

  • Our commitment to quality: From the beginning, we’ve strive to craft the highest quality feeders in Australia. Along the way, we have sought feedback from farmers and incorporated it into our new designs. We are continually improving our range—a factor that our customers notice and appreciate.

Why Customers Should Use Willie’s Manufacturing Industries

Our dependable product range, our focus on building farming equipment built for Australian conditions and our commitment to improvement are all aspects that make Willie’s Manufacturing Industries a reliable source for a new feeder in Victoria. Contact us today to get started.

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