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Everything You Need to Know About Square Bale Feeders

In the world of agriculture, square bale feeders play a vital role in optimising hay usage and maintaining livestock health. As a leading hay feeder manufacturer in Australia, WMI Feeders offers a wide range of high-quality square bale feeders designed to suit various farm needs. In this informative blog, we'll discuss the importance of square bale feeders, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for your farm. Additionally, we'll share some tips for proper use and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Types of Square Bale Feeders

There are several types of square bale feeders available, each designed to cater to specific farm requirements and preferences. These include:

  • Ground feeders: These feeders are designed to be placed directly on the ground, making them suitable for farms with flat terrain and easy accessibility.

  • Trailer feeders: These feeders are mounted on a trailer, allowing for easy transportation and distribution of hay across the farm. Ideal for farms with vast grazing areas, trailer feeders help save time and effort in hay distribution.

  • Elevating feeders: These feeders feature a raised platform, which keeps the hay off the ground and reduces spoilage. Elevating feeders are particularly useful for farms located in wet or muddy areas.

WMI Feeders offers a range of customised solutions to suit your unique farm requirements. Our diverse selection of feeders is designed to accommodate various types of bales, making it easy to find the perfect solution for your specific needs. Some of our popular offerings include:

  1. Albybone multi-bale feeder: This versatile feeder can handle both hay and silage and accommodates round or square bales. With a capacity to carry up to 6 bales, larger machines can be built to order to meet your farm's demands. This trailer feeder ensures easy transportation and distribution of hay across your farm.

  2. Pa-mick feeder: Designed to work with both square and round bales, this trailer feeder can carry up to 2 bales, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized farms. Its portability allows for efficient hay distribution and reduces manual labour.

In addition to these feeders, WMI Feeders is continually developing and expanding our product line to provide tailored solutions for your farm. Whether you need a feeder for a specific type of bale or require a customised solution for your farm's unique circumstances, WMI Feeders is committed to delivering the perfect square bale feeder for your needs.

Benefits of Using Square Bale Feeders

Square bale feeders provide numerous benefits on your farm, such as:

  • Reduced hay waste: By keeping the bales contained and off the ground, livestock consume clean, dry hay, minimising waste.

  • Increased livestock feed efficiency: Constant access to hay encourages natural grazing behaviour, leading to better feed efficiency.

  • Enhanced livestock health: Clean, dry hay reduces the risk of mould and bacterial growth, preventing respiratory issues and other health problems in livestock.

  • Time and labour-saving benefits: Streamlined feeding processes save time and effort in distributing hay manually.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduced hay waste and improved feed efficiency make square bale feeders a cost-effective solution for feed management.

Choosing the Right Square Bale Feeder for Your Farm

When selecting a square bale feeder, consider the following factors:

  1. Assess your farm's size and livestock capacity: The number of livestock and farm size determine the feeder size and type required.

  2. Evaluate your farm's terrain and accessibility: Consider the landscape to determine whether you need a ground feeder, trailer feeder, or elevating feeder.

  3. Budget considerations: Explore WMI Feeders' range of options to find a feeder that fits your price range without compromising on quality.

Proper Use and Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity of your square bale feeder, follow these tips:

  1. Position the feeder correctly: Place it in a well-drained area, away from wet or muddy conditions.

  2. Regularly inspect and clean the feeder: Perform routine checks for damage or wear and clean the feeder to prevent mould and bacterial growth.

  3. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines for maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining your square bale feeder to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

  4. Ensure the feeder is safe for livestock use: Regularly check the feeder for any sharp edges or protruding parts that may pose a risk to your livestock. Make necessary repairs or adjustments to maintain a safe feeding environment.

WMI Feeders: A Trusted Name in Farm Machinery and Equipment

With years of experience in the agricultural industry, WMI Feeders has established itself as a trusted name in farm machinery and equipment. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our customers receive reliable, durable, and efficient square bale feeders to enhance their farm operations.

Don't just take our word for it; our satisfied customers can attest to the positive impact that WMI Feeders' square bale feeders have had on their farms. From reduced hay waste to improved livestock health, our products have proven to be a valuable investment for farms of all sizes.

If you're in the market for a square bale feeder or other farm machinery and equipment, WMI Feeders is here to help. Contact our knowledgeable sales and support team to discuss your unique needs and explore our range of square bale feeders.


Square bale feeders are a crucial component of any successful agricultural operation. By reducing hay waste, increasing feed efficiency, and promoting livestock health, these innovative farm tools can significantly improve your farm's productivity and profitability. When it comes to choosing the right square bale feeder, consider factors such as farm size, terrain, and budget to ensure you make the best decision for your specific needs.

With WMI Feeders' extensive range of square bale feeders and our commitment to quality, you can trust that we have the perfect solution for your farm. Reach out to our team today and experience the difference that a high-quality square bale feeder can make.



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