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What Is The Cheapest Way To Feed Cattle?

Australian farmers have a wide variety of options when it comes to feeding their cattle. With the cost of hay and feeders on the rise, many farmers may question which options are the most affordable for feeding their herds.

Hay feeders are a popular choice, as they allow farmers to efficiently distribute hay to their herds, ensuring that the livestock have access to a consistent supply of food. A bale feeder that is designed to reduce waste is the best investment for farms, as it is the best way to manage costs for feed and ensure that you are not wasting money.

When choosing a hay feeder, farmers in Australia have several options. Willie’s Manufacturing Industries make top of the line feeders that are designed to reduce feed wastage and, in turn, save farmers money in the long-run.

Round Bale Feeders

Our round bale feeders for cattle are designed to hold and dispense large round bales of hay. Round bale hay feeders hold the bales on a tray, then move the bales along the bale chamber up to the feed out tray, where the automatic bale rippers separate the bale and deposit it on the ground. Being able to slowly feed out your round bales as you move along is the most efficient way to feed large herds and reduce hay wastage.

Square Bale Feeders

Our square bale hay feeders feed out square bales, which are perfect for smaller farms that require less feeding and the more efficient storage that square bales provide.

When shopping for a hay feeder or feed out cart, there are a couple important features that are essential for making feeding as efficient and cost-saving as possible.

1. Bale rippers

Bale rippers ensure that hay is evenly distributed, depositing hay or silage into loose piles for cattle to feed over a large area. This helps to reduce feed wastage and overcrowding, which can lead to inefficient feedings. Quality bale rippers will have both forward and reverse directions, which helps to feed out the entire bale evenly and ensures all remaining hay or silage gets picked up.

2. Bale chamber

Found on larger feeders, the bale chamber holds multiple bales in preparation for feeding. As the bales get fed out, they move down the chamber automatically on a roller system and are stopped at the end by a mechanical arm. When one bale has been fed out, the arm lifts and the next bale enters the feed out tray. The real benefit is that all of this can be done by one operator, which saves you time and money on labour.

In summary, for farmers in Australia, hay feeders are an important tool for efficiently feeding cattle. Manufactured hay feeders can be more affordable in the long run because of their durability, efficiency, and features. They can lead to significant savings on hay, maintenance and labour costs.

All of our feeders are made with farming needs in mind, with our manufacturers gaining insights from our customers and years of experience to design the best possible farm equipment. Each farm operation is unique, and so should their equipment be, which is why we work with our clients to deliver true tailor-made solutions. You can customise our hay feed out carts to suit your specific needs, such as making them larger or smaller to accommodate different amounts of bales. Talk to our team today about your feeder options and whether you require any customisation.



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