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Preventing Feed Wastage With Bale Hay Feeders In Sydney

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Livestock of all kinds, from cattle to sheep, require supplementary feeding with hay or silage at some point. However, there are ways to distribute feed that are more efficient than others.

Experienced farmers will know that feeding livestock can very easily lead to wastage, with large amounts of feed becoming soiled or inedible in the process. Some feeding styles lead to more wastage, which ends up costing a lot of money in the long run.

This is where bale hay feeders provide the perfect solution. They reduce the amount of feed wasted every time, which not only saves money, but also ensures that livestock get sufficient food to maintain their health.

If you’re looking to find bale hay feeders in Sydney, WMI Feeders offer a great selection of feeders to suit any and all requirements.

But first, what are the real benefits of preventing feed wastage?

The benefits of preventing feed wastage:

Saves money

One of the biggest drivers for reducing feed wastage is saving money and reducing farm supply costs. Buying large amounts of hay and silage can end up costing a substantial amount of money, so wasting any of this feed can eat into your back pocket.

With many farms having to tighten their belts, due to a number of reasons such as weather or economical causes, wasting money in any area is something to be avoided.

Reducing feed wastage also reduces the labour costs for cleaning up wasted hay or silage. If feed gets trampled into the ground, instead of leaving it there, it’s often best to clean it up. This can reduce damage to the pasture underneath and also deter livestock from eating soiled feed.

Better feed efficiency

For any business (and farm) efficiency is important and something to always improve on. Taking steps to reduce feed wastage will lead to greater efficiency. This is both for the livestock relying on the feed and the economic situation of the farm itself.

Wasting time and money on feed can have knock-on effects to the farm as a whole, as well as the health of the herd.

Healthier feed

When feed is distributed efficiently, it also leads to a healthier feeding environment for livestock. Throwing hay onto the ground for feeding leads to it getting trampled underfoot. This soils the feed and also provides a breeding ground for insects and bacteria, particularly in damp or wet conditions. If livestock continue to feed on this trampled hay, it could impact their health.

The best way to keep livestock and the feed they eat healthy is to use an efficient and specialized bale feeder. Our bale feeders for example have a high ground clearance, which reduces the chance of soilage. Keeping bales off the ground and away from dampness and trampling feet prolongs its life and usability.

Less pasture degradation

Large amounts of feed getting trampled into the ground can lead to pasture and soil degradation. This can be a serious issue on farms, particularly in drought prone areas.

For many farms, rotating pastures and maintaining soil health are integral to their effective function. When the available land is compromised, it puts strain on many other areas and systems. It can also create a vicious cycle of farms having to rely more and more on supplementing hay and silage feed when compromised pastures are yielding insufficient nutrients.

How bale hay feeders prevent wastage:

  • Controlled feed out

Feeders can automatically feed out hay or silage in a measured way, rather than dumping it all in one place. This spreads out the feeding area, meaning that livestock are not eating in dense groups. This not only means that there is less chance for large amounts of feed to be trampled, but it also means more efficient and fair feeding opportunities for livestock.

  • High ground clearance

Keeping feed off the ground ensures that it doesn’t get soiled in dirty or wet conditions and also doesn’t get trampled by hungry livestock. This extends the life of the hay and silage and the nutritional value for livestock relying on it.

At Willie's Manufacturing Industries, we have a great selection of bale hay feeders in Sydney to choose from. Some of our best machines include the Pa-Mick and the Albybone, offering robust and versatile feeding solutions. They are designed and made in Australia with Australian conditions in mind, so they are reliable for years to come and in many different climates and weathers.

If you’re looking to find our bale hay feeders in Sydney, take a look at our dealers page, which lists all of our reputable dealers across the country.

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about reducing feed wastage and locating the best quality feeders in Sydney. If you have any more questions about our products or want to enquire about an order, reach out to our friendly team here or call 0488 605 713.



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