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Where To Buy Bale Hay Feeders In Brisbane

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Many farmers use hay and silage as a supplementary feed for livestock. It could be when pastures or stubbles are deficient in energy and protein for animals, say when there is a drought, or to reduce grazing pressure on pastures. Supplementing feed is an important way for grazing animals to maintain a sufficient diet throughout the year.

Choosing between hay and silage is dependent on your livestock and energy requirements. Silage generally has a greater nutritive value than hay (per kilogram of dry matter), largely because it is made up of earlier stage plant growth. This is when energy and protein in the plant are at higher levels. Hay on the other hand is still an important source of roughage, but it is bulky and expensive to transport. When purchasing hay, purchase it by weight because bale weights can vary greatly. That being said, hay can still offer a great feed supplementation when used in the right circumstances.

There are many different ways to distribute hay and silage, using stationary feeders, within stables or feedlots, or using a feeder machine.

Bale hay feeders are the most convenient way for farmers to feed livestock - particularly to large herds. For people looking for bale hay feeders in Brisbane, read on for some of the key benefits of feeder machines and where you can find the best products.

Benefits of bale hay feeders


One of the greatest benefits of a bale hay feeder is that it provides a convenient and simple solution for feeding livestock. A feeder system removes a lot of the hard work for farmers, with the bales feeding out automatically through the feeder mechanisms. Some feeders can carry up to eight large hay bales, such as the Albybone, which means that large amounts of feed can be distributed in one go.


Instead of being in a stationary position in a paddock, bale hay feeders can be easily transported to anywhere you need them. Attaching them onto a trailer hitch and moving them around not only allows for more efficient feeding, but it also ensures that pastures don’t get degraded in one location and have a chance to regenerate.


Bale hay feeders are made from robust, strong and waterproof materials to ensure they last a long time. WMI Feeders are made specifically with the harsh Australian conditions in mind. They have a high ground clearance to ensure that they stay clean and the hay and silage doesn’t get soiled. Our feeders will remain in top condition for years - if not decades - whether stored inside or outdoors.

Value for money

While feed out carts and bale feeders can be a larger initial output, they provide years of quality use. They not only provide great value for money in terms of how long they last but also in how much extra time and peace of mind they give you.

Time saver

Hay feeders are a great time-saving piece of equipment to compliment your current systems. You can easily move the feeder and feed livestock over a large area. It saves you even more time by distributing bales automatically, some with an independent tandem rocker system. This creates an easy, hands-free feed distribution method and allows you to focus on other important tasks.

Where to buy bale hay feeders in Brisbane

If you’re looking for feeders in Brisbane, our feeders are one of the best options available and we have a dealer close by in Gatton, Queensland. You can find out all of our specialised dealers across the country here.

Some of the best feeders on the market are:

The Pa-Mick - A hay and silage feeder that carries up to two bales, one of each in any order. It is Australian made and the most versatile feeder on the market.

The Champion - A round bale feeder that feeds out hay and silage. It can carry up to six big round bales. It is Australian made and there is the option for smaller machines to be built.

The Albybone - A multi bale feeder that can carry round or square hay and silage bales. There are two options, one that can carry up to 6 bales (6 square or 5 round) or one that carries up to 8 bales (8 square or 7 round). They are all Australian made for Australian conditions.

The Elite - A round bale feeder that feeds out hay and silage. It can carry up to two big round bales. It is Australian made for Australian conditions.

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about bale hay feeders in Brisbane. If you have any questions about sourcing feeders in Brisbane or wish to enquire about our feeders, get in touch with Willie's Manufacturing Industries by calling 0488 605 713 or reaching out here.



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