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Why Choose An Elite Feeder?

Updated: May 10, 2021

People not familiar with feeding livestock might think that the process is simple, but in reality there are plenty of issues that can arise and different solutions for feeding livestock.

Without the assistance of mechanical feeders, bales can be placed in the paddock for the livestock to feed themselves. Round bales in this case are usually either rolled out like a thick mat or left standing. However, if livestock are given free access to hay then this can lead to a loss of feed, as they may walk and sleep on it, and spoil it in the process. This usually happens with feed in more abundant. Another issue is that the pasture beneath the hay can be damaged and this will be evident into the next season.

There are purpose-built mechanical feeders like the Elite Feeder that distribute whole bales and part-bales in an even windrow to feed on. Mechanical feeding solutions reduce feed wastage and make livestock feeding easier to manage.

Round bale feeders and feed out carts represent a beneficial step towards reducing feed losses when feeding cattle and other livestock with round bales. They are a very simple and efficient option that allows only feeding livestock to have access to the hay.

Why choose an Elite Feeder?

The Elite Feeder is a hay and silage feeder specially built for round bales and is capable of carrying up to two big round bales. It offers the perfect solution for round bale feeding, providing simple, automated feed outs. Not only does this decrease feed wastage but it also makes feeding a lot easier and less labour intensive. Farmers will know that something that makes their life easier is always a good thing.

The feeder is also proudly Australian made, meaning that it supports Australian manufacturing and business and is made to suit Australia’s unique environment.

The design is strong and robust, so that it provides a reliable feeding system for farmers. The weather in Australia is unpredictable and often harsh, so it’s important to have a feeder that can withstand the elements and provide years of reliable operation. That’s what makes them the perfect option for Australian farmers.

Maintenance for the feeder is very user friendly, making it even easier for farmers to keep their equipment in working order. Any amount of time that feeders are out of use due to maintenance can cause issues in feeding schedules.

Here’s some of the key features of the feeder:

  • The rippers travel over the top of the chassis to reduce component damage.

  • High ground clearance for ease of transport and movability.

  • Simple chain adjustment feature for ease of use.

  • Versatile loading system with collapsible forks for extra safety.

  • Modern advanced quality design and manufacturing techniques to guarantee quality.

The dimensions of the feeder are:

  • Width - 2.3 metres

  • Length - 4.6 metres

  • Height - 1.2 metres

  • Weight - 960 kilograms

You can find out more about the Elite Feeder on our website.

Why Choose WMI Feeders?

We understand our customers needs and believe in all of our products. We have many years of industry experience and can provide expert advice and support to our customers all over the country. We are proud that all of our feeders are Australian made and designed to meet the unique requirements of Australian conditions. Unfortunately not all feeders are made equal, that’s why we are proud to provide the very best feeders on the market.

We ensure customer satisfaction by producing quality products. The first machine that we ever made is still going strong after 17 years, which is a testament to the quality of our machinery. We know that farm equipment needs to be built robust so that it can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Our machines are built using a simple design and ensuring quality welding.

Our customer feedback is used to improve our machinery and service wherever possible. We always encourage customers to compare the quality and price of our machines with competitors. That way they know they are getting a quality and value for money machine.

We are always utilising cutting edge modern technology in the design of our machines and pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in industry innovations. WMI prides itself on producing the highest quality range of bale feeders on the market.

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about the Elite Feeder and given you some valuable feeder knowledge. If you have any other questions about this or any other of our brands and products, don’t hesitate to give us a call.



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