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Where to Find a Better Bale Feeder

Are you looking for a bale feeder in South Australia that will stand the test of time? Do you need a bale feeder that is capable of standing up to the demanding, unforgiving weather conditions of an Australian summer? At Willie’s Manufacturing more

Bale Feeder Western Australia

Using the correct bale feeder in Western Australia is crucial to diminishing the amount of hay wasted. Carefully consider the design of the feeder to save money and reduce production costs. more

A Feed Out Cart Increases Rotation Ability

Designed to handle hay and baled silage, our feed out cart delivers feed from the side, which makes it easy to deliver feed in open pastures, bunkers and troughs. It also enables you to move the location from which you feed your cattle, sheep or more

Purchase a Quality Cattle Feeder in Australia from Our Professionals

The next time you need to buy a new feeder in Australia that promises to keep your livestock safe while helping you save time, money and effort, you needn’t look any further than Willie's Manufacturing Industries. For over a decade, we’ve been more

The Importance of a Built-to-Last Feeder

When it comes to purchasing or replacing a feeder in Victoria, it’s incredibly important to find something capable of withstanding challenging farming conditions in Australia’s summer seasons. Not every company that builds bale feeders designs more

Finding the Right Square Bale Hay Feeder for Your Farm

When it comes to picking out hay feeding equipment for your farm, one important question to answer is whether you want a square bale hay feeder or a round bale feeder. Both types of feeders have their advantages and disadvantages. At Willie’s more

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